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Darren and Lee have over 20 years combined experience, providing high quality Synthetic Teak Decking. We pride ourselves on our conscientious workmanship, which is well known throughout the marine industry.

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Synthetic Teak Decking is the perfect fit for use on any type of project.

Sailing Boats

Synthetic Teaks superb non-slip qualities and traditional look is the perfect addition for any sail boat.

Power Boats

Synthetic Teaks is a low maintenance material. Spend more time out on the sea and time less cleaning!


Synthetic teak comes in a variety of colors and styles, giving you more options to match your boat's aesthetic.


Synthetic Teak doesn't weather, it remains the same colour for it's lifetime, making it perfect for signs.

So much more...

Showrooms, bathrooms, balconies, pools or hot tub surrounds... the possibilities are endless.


Our team consists of highly skilled deck builders and installers, each with extensive experience in the synthetic teak decking industry. From backgrounds in automotive assembly lines to traditional shipwrights, our team members bring a wealth of specialized expertise to every project. Count on us to deliver a top-quality deck tailored to your needs.


Introducing Darren, a seasoned veteran in the world of synthetic teak decking. Starting his journey in 2004 with Edridge Boat Builders, a traditional shipwright on the south coast of England, Darren honed his skills and deepened his love for the craft. Since then, he’s climbed the ranks and managed multiple decking fabricators. With almost two decades of hands-on experience and leadership, Darren’s expertise is a cornerstone of our team.


Meet Lee, he’s not new to leadership or detail-oriented work; he served as a Team Leader at McLaren and a Zone Leader at Rolls-Royce. With nearly a decade in the synthetic teak decking industry and a keen eye for detail, he brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to our team. You can count on Lee to deliver quality, every time.


Meet Ryan. After studying boat building in college, he explored various roles in the industry, gaining a well-rounded perspective on boat construction and design. Nowadays, he specializes in synthetic teak decking manufacturing, applying his broad knowledge to fabricate top-quality decks. Ryan’s diverse experience and focus on synthetic teak make him an essential part of our team.


Meet Adam. With a background as a qualified joiner and cabinet maker, Adam brings a unique skill set to the table. He entered the synthetic teak decking industry in 2010 and quickly rose through the ranks, managing one of the largest synthetic teak decking fabricators in the UK for six years. His combination of hands-on craftsmanship and leadership experience make him a valuable asset to our team.


With over a decade of hands-on experience in synthetic teak decking, Dan has quickly become an asset to our team. His fresh perspective and dedication has allowed him to contribute effectively to various projects, ensuring quality and precision in every task.



Loki, our enthusiastic workshop apprentice, is eager to learn and grow in the synthetic teak decking industry. Under the mentorship of our experienced team, he is developing his skills rapidly, showing great promise in both craftsmanship and teamwork.




At The Teak Men, quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. That’s why we’ve chosen EVO decking as our exclusive decking option for our clientele. EVO decking is renowned for its durability, resilience, and authentic appearance. This advanced decking material replicates the natural texture and integrity of authentic wood without the high maintenance requirements. Made with premium, eco-friendly materials, EVO decking offers long-lasting performance, resistance to weather elements, and easy upkeep. Our choice in EVO decking not only aligns with our commitment to excellence but also ensures that our clients receive a product that stands the test of time.

How We operate



We will make accurate templates to the areas which you would like to apply synthetic teak.



The build of your synthetic teak decking begins in our workshop, working from the template, using your chosen decking colours and design.



Once the decks are built, they are ready for installation. This process can also be provided by The Teak Men to the highest standard.

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